Congratulations to Lauren Rauch who received the 2019 Fay Honey Knopp Award for his many years of dedicated services to Los Angeles and the state of California as a LAPD detective, and an active member of the CASOMB.


Annual Achievement Award

The Fay Honey Knopp Award

HISTORY: In its infancy, the CCOSO Board determined that establishing an award for positive contributions to the field of sexual offending work in California was an important part of CCOSO’s mission. An annual awards program was established to recognize individuals, organizations and agencies that demonstrated excellence and sustained dedication to the field of sexual offender treatment. Nominees must have provided distinguished leadership, direction and innovation.

Originally called the Vista Award, The first award was presented in 1987 to Senator John Seymour of the California legislature for his work and support of sex offender treatment by obtaining funding for three pilot sex offender programs within the State. Our annual recognition award was renamed in 1995 in honor of Fay Honey Knopp, activist, pioneer, innovator and visionary.  Her life was proof of how one woman's belief in the power of good can bring light even to the darkest corners of the world.


Honey, as she was called by her friends, lived in Shoreham, Vermont in a log cabin she built with her husband. From there she worked as a pioneering advocate, not only for human rights, but for the human worth that is the foundation of our rights.


She was a nationally recognized advocate for the humane treatment of prisoners and an early promoter of treatment for sexual offenders. This, like her work in the civil rights movement, grew out of a deeply felt belief in the worth of every human being.


Under her leadership, the Safer Society Press published more than 200 nationally recognized books, research studies, manuals and training videos dealing with the treatment and prevention of sex related crimes.


Many individuals have received the honor of this award in the ensuing years; Janice Marques, Gary Lowe, Jeffrey Bodmer-Turner, Randy Shores, Gerry Blasingame, Charlene Steen, Marcia Rogers, Dan Carson (of the Legislative Analyst’s Office), Vicki Markey and Susan Storm (Field Services, San Diego Probation), Marsha Blackstock (Executive Director, Bay Area Women Against Rape), United States Pre-trial Services Agency, Ron Kokish, Niki Delson, Ron Armstrong, Tom Tobin, Suzanne Brown-McBride, CALCASA, Marti Fredericks, Craig Fredericks, L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Janet Neely (CA Attorney General’s Office), Jack Wallace (CDCR), Wes Maram, Chris Bennett, Leesl Herman,  Michelle Steinberger ;Parker Chin, ;Brenda Crowding &Erin Peel; James 'Jim" Adams have each been Fay Honey Knopp Award recipients.



 There are two areas in which excellence may be demonstrated:

Agency/organization achievement

Individual treatment provider achievement

The Agency/Organization Achievement Award is intended to identify those organizations/agencies who have promoted a constructive relationship among sexual treatment providers and members of related disciplines.

The Individual Achievement Award is intended to identify individuals whose outstanding or innovative work has promoted their office/agency specifically and the field of sexual offender treatment in general.


     May be submitted by any individual, agency or organization.

·        Nominations must be typed and submitted via email.

·        All nominations must be completed entirely with a response to all questions on the nominations form. Pictures, products, tapes etc. will not be accepted. However, the relevance of such items, if described within the application, can be discussed if pertinent.

·        Multiple nominations for the same candidate should not consist of duplicated materials, with the exception of a biography.  Numerous duplicated applications do not add weight to the strength of the nomination.

Nomination Rules:

·        Nominations received after the deadline will not be accepted.

·        Recipients of the award are not limited in number.

·        The awardee(s) shall be notified in advance to allow for travel arrangements.

·        The names of the awardee(s) shall remain otherwise confidential until the award ceremony at the Members Luncheon at the annual conference.

·        The Fay Honey Knopp Award Committee will review finalist nominations. Recommendations from the committee will be presented to the Board for approval by majority vote at the Board meeting adjoining the conference.

·        The nomination form must be received via email by CCOSO no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 20, 2015.

For Submission:

We are now soliciting nominations for this significant award for 2017. Please print and complete the attached nomination form or provide the information called for on the form and submit it via email to or by fax to 530-223-3121. The deadline for nominations is April 20, 2017.


Members of the selection committee

The award selection committee is comprised of past awardees who continue to be active CCOSO members.

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