When Alfred Kinsey and his associates published "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948 they changed  American culture forever.  The scientific validity of their methods and findings are still being debated, as is whether the changes they wrought ultimately enriched or harmed society. But the magnitude of these changes and the degree of influence this man had and still has on us seems beyond question. 

Now a new film telling Kinsey’s story is heating up the controversy. An influential New York based non-profit group, "Morality in Media," has called Dr. Kinsey a fraud and sexual pervert who exacerbated the spread of venereal disease,  sexual abuse of children, high divorce rates, and a variety of other social ills.  The New York Times, apparently wanting to offer more balanced information,  has made several relevant articles from its archives available free of charge. (You may have to register to access them.)  Regardless of how one feels about the remarkable Alfred Kinsey, he is worth knowing about because his incredible work, now over  half a century old, is still shaping our collective psyche, morals, and behavior.

Ron Kokish,  Former CCOSO Education Chair