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A 70 page monograph by the leading Federal law enforcement expert on the subject, this "everything you want to know about child molesters and pedophiles" is intended primarily for investigative personnel. It based on the author's extensive professional experience rather than scientific research. Because the author is a leading law enforcement authority he has usually worked on heinous and/or unusual cases and he generalizes about his subject from that perspective.

California Social Workers’ standardized core competencies manual from 2002, used in training graduate students’ skills, knowledge, values, and learning objectives. Includes vignettes, role play exercises, cultural and investigation considerations, intra-familial dynamics, behavioral indicators, and more.

The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers’ 2001 concise overview summarizing general characteristics and statistics of sex offenders and victims, risk assessment, treatment effectiveness, recidivism rates, sex offender typologies, cost of treatment, community notification and residence restrictions. Emphasizes need for effective public policy, education, treatment and prevention of sexual abuse.

A 2000 overview from the Center for Sex Offender Management that debunks 11 common myths about sex offenders and victims. Also includes statistics and profiles of adult and juvenile offenders. This brief was supported by a grant from the Office of Justice Programs, written predominantly by Rob Freeman-Longo.

From the University of New Hampshire Crimes against Children Research Center, this paper chronicles the 39% decline of CPS reported child abuse cases. It is hoped that this is due to improvements in prevention, treatment, and criminal justice as a result of increased awareness, as opposed to decreased reporting or changes in CPS procedures.