A meta-analysis of 46 published studies was undertaken to determine the effects of pornography (including but not limited to child pornography) on sexual deviancy, sexual perpetration, attitudes regarding intimate relationships, and attitudes regarding the rape myth - total sample size of 12,323 The authors believe they found clear evidence confirming the link between increased risk for negative human development when exposed to pornography. The article first appeared on the National Foundation for Family Research and Education(NFFRE)web site. The organization's mission is to further "family values" and to our knowledge, the article was never submitted for peer review. However, it was subsequently published as a book chapter. [Violato, Claudio; Oddone-Paolucci, Elizabeth; Genuis, Mark (2000). The changing family and child development. (pp. 48-59). Aldershot, England: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. xxiv, 301 pp.]