"Kinsey is an effort to rehabilitate a ’father’ of the hellish sexual revolution who has been discredited," says MIM President
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(NEW YORK—8 November 2004) Morality in Media president Robert Peters reviewed the film Kinsey (to open November 12) at a private screening in New York City on October 29, 2004 in preparation for a media interview. Here are his observations, prepared after viewing the film. "Kinsey is an effort to rehabilitate a ’father’ of the hellish sexual revolution who has been discredited because of his debauched lifestyle and the misinformation he spread about sex.

"In Kinsey’s mind, religion and morality were the hated enemies that stand in the way of sexual freedom. Kinsey’s father is the predominant religious figure in the film, and with the exception of one scene, he is stereotypically portrayed as overly strict, mean spirited and anti-sex."In Kinsey’s mind, man was merely an animal with a high degree of intelligence; and at the end of the film, in the midst of the credits, we are treated to scene after scene of animals having sex."In Kinsey’s mind, apparently no sex was abnormal; and among the types of sex that Kinsey is shown engaging in or endorsing in the film are adultery, bisexuality, homosexuality, group sex, pornography, sadomasochism, and swinging. The impression is also conveyed in the film that sexual deviations of all kinds (but especially homosexuality) are widespread."Kinsey thought that very few people were totally heterosexual; and in one scene, the film depicts Kinsey as saying that his own sexuality had changed from primarily heterosexual to bisexual. This undermines the lie that sexual orientation cannot be influenced by environment, an environment that includes endless promotions of homosexuality in the secular media."In the film, Kinsey is portrayed as a dedicated scientist whose research was scientifically sound. The viewer is left with the impression that his data came from interviews with a cross section of Americans. There is no indication (unless I missed something) that much of Kinsey’s data about adult sexuality came from questionable sources (e.g., prisoners). In the film Kinsey interviews a man who molested hundreds of children, but there is no other indication (unless I missed something) that Kinsey’s data about child sexuality came from pedophiles. "Kinsey isn’t portrayed as without fault, but he is portrayed as someone who exerted a positive, rather than negative, influence on society. No mention is made in the film of the grievous harms that flowed from the sexual revolution Kinsey helped bring about-harms such as:·         Unwed teen pregnancies, abortions and single parent families

·         An epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS

·         Proliferation and ’mainstreaming’ of softcore and hardcore pornography

·         Marriages prevented, marriages damaged and marriages broken

·         Sexual abuse of children, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape

"As I watched Kinsey, I couldn’t help comparing it to The Passion. Despite The Passion’s horrific violence, tens of millions of Americans, who glorify Jesus Christ as the God-man who came into the world to set men free from their sins, embraced the film. Despite (or perhaps because of) Kinsey’s X-rated sex, many will also undoubtedly embrace Kinsey. For them, Kinsey was a savior who labored to set people free from sexual inhibitions so that they can sin free and easy. Both men had a band of loyal followers. Both men were teachers. Both men were denounced by religious leaders of their day. Both beat death—in The Passion, when Jesus rises from the grave, and in Kinsey (sort of), when Kinsey is depicted at the end of the film as being near death but then as being reinvigorated as he walks and talks with his wife in a lovely forest setting."MORALITY IN MEDIA is a nonprofit national organization, with headquarters in New York City, which works to curb traffic in obscenity and to uphold standards of decency in the media. MIM operates the ObscenityCrimes.org Web site—where citizens can report possible violations of federal Internet obscenity laws to Federal prosecutors—and the National Obscenity Law Center, a unique legal resource for legislators, prosecutors and others.